Fred Meyer’s eCoupons can be tricky.

I receive a lot of frustrated emails over reasons why eCoupons don’t come off, so I am hoping this will help.

Why didn’t my eCoupon come off?

1. You bought the wrong product.

I would say that 95% of the time when my eCoupon does not come off, I later learned that I bought the wrong product. As simple as it sounds, it is REALLY easy to mix-up your product flavors or sizes. Fred Meyer does NOT always put the correct picture next to their eCoupons on their site, which makes this all the more confusing.

For example, Fred Meyer recently had a Langers Juice eCoupon available. The picture shown was the 64 oz bottle of apple juice that I often buy. I waited for a sale, printed out my $1.00/2 coupon, loaded my $1.00/2 eCoupon and headed to Fred Meyer. My eCoupon did NOT come off. I later looked back at my eCoupons & sure enough – the eCoupon was for 32 oz Bottles and UNDER. A size my store didn’t even carry.

To prevent this from happening again, I often use the Fred Meyer’s “Print List” Feature (which gives the details of the products):

Sometimes if I cannot find an eCoupon I thought I had loaded, I will check my “Print List” and it is usually there.

2. You did not give the register enough time to process your eCoupons.

This one is tricky, especially if you are only buying a few items. If your cashier hits “total” as your Rewards card is being swiped, I can almost guarantee you, none of your eCoupons will come off. I’m not sure why Fred Meyer’s registers need more time than other stores to deduct these (I’ve never ran into a “timing” issue at Safeway).

This becomes complicated if you are combining store coupons with eCoupons (if scanned in the wrong order, store coupons will adjust for the eCoupon, thus lowering your store savings – not cool). This is what works for me:

Combining Store coupons with eCoupons?
Place those Fred Meyer store coupons on the products at the beginning of your transaction. As soon as the cashier has scanned those store coupons, swipe your card. Ideally, you would have time to swipe your card as the cashier would still be ringing up other items, or starting to scan your manufacturer’s coupons. (To be clear – I am not suggesting you placed EVERY coupon on EVERY item – just those couple of items that you are combining a store coupon and an eCoupon on).

Using eCoupons but no store coupons (or none of your store coupons are being combined with eCoupons)?
Scan your Rewards Card right away, don’t wait for the last minute.

3. You were expecting both of your identical eCoupons to come off.

You have two eCoupons for the same product. You buy 2 of those products. One product per eCoupon, right? Wrong! Fred Meyer does NOT work like Safeway. No stacking eCoupons on the same product and no using more than one of the same eCoupon (even if you met the purchase requirements).

If you have 2 of the same eCoupons and you want to buy two of those products, you will have to separate your transactions.

4. Your phone number and your Rewards Card number don’t match.

You can only sign-up for eCoupons with your actual Rewards Card number (not your phone number). The problem is, many people don’t scan that card at the store, instead they enter their phone number. This is okay if you are 100% sure your phone number is matched-up to your card. However if it is not, you won’t be getting any eCoupon deductions. To play it safe, always scan your card. If you really want to enter your phone number instead, call Fred Meyer – 1-866-518-2686 and make sure your information is correct.

For those that shop at Fred Meyer & QFC, Coupon Connections NW has a post for those experiencing a similar problem – read here.

5. The System is down or the product is not programmed correctly.

These are probably the worst problems because we have no control over these issues.

If NONE of your eCoupons came off, more than likely the system is down. This doesn’t happen as often as it used to, but it is still frequent enough to cause some grieve.

Similar to catalina deals, sometimes not all of the flavors are programmed correctly and your eCoupon may not come off. If you are sure you bought the right product and some of your other eCoupons came off, then this is what probably happened.

What do I do if my eCoupon did not come off?

1. Bring your printed eCoupon list to the Customer Service Center. This may be one of those “mileage may vary” situations, but this really is the fastest way to receive a refund.

2. Call Fred Meyer: 1-888-553-3003

3. Email Fred Meyer

The problem with calling & emailing is that you often get the run around. If you call, they will tell you to submit your request online, when you submit online you get an automated response telling you to call. Pretty frustrating, but if you actually ever end up getting a response they will usually credit your Rewards card (with an eCoupon off your next purchase) and sometimes add a little (tiny) bit more for your trouble.

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