My Catalina Didn’t Print?!?

If you’ve been couponing for any length of time, you’ve probably ran into the “my Catalina coupon didn’t print” situation (read more about what Catalina Coupons are here).

There are several reasons WHY this problem happens: wrong size/flavor purchased, flavor is not programmed with promo, machine was off…but no matter what went wrong, the store will probably not be able to help you. Stores have very limited knowledge of Catalina deals – unless these deals are advertised in the stores’ ad or coupon book, you’ll have a very frustrating experience trying to explain your situation.

In the past, I have always suggested calling Catalina as the best way to receive that missing Catalina. While this option is still available (1-888-8COUPON), you can now email Catalina your request instead (for those that want to avoid Catalina’s notoriously long hold time).

Email your request to:


  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Store Name, Address & Store Number (all should be on your receipt)
  • Date and Time of your Transaction
  • Frequent Shopper Card #
  • Total Amount of Purchase (this is the total on your receipt – keep in mind most promos are based on your pre-coupon total, so don’t worry if you are submitting for a “Spend $25″ promo and your receipt total was only $12)
  • Which Catalina promo you were expecting (be specific – as in “I was expecting a $5 Catalina coupon from Kraft because I purchased more than $25 of participating products”)

My request was submitted on June 7th and my Catalina was sent-out on June 15th. I received it a few days later, despite being told that it would take 6-8 weeks.

Catalina may suggest that you send them a scanned image of your receipt – I did not and there was no problem processing my request.

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