Fred Meyer: Coupon Policy Update!

Fred Meyer has updated their Coupon Policy and there are quite a few important changes:

  • Fred Meyer may be limiting you to no more than (5) of the same coupon per transaction.
  • Only (2) internet printed coupons per manufacturer per Customer per day will be accepted.
  • Pharmacy Competitor Coupons WILL be accepted.
  • There has been NO CHANGE to their Catalina acceptance policy. Some have said that Fred Meyer is trying to exclude Catalinas that state they are only to be redeemed at certain stores (like Register Rewards). The wording is a little strange, but the policy always excluded “other manufacturer’s coupons” (like the manufacturer’s coupons in other stores’ ads) and not Catalina coupons.

Most Catalina coupons (the coupons that print out for you at our check stands) are manufacturer coupons and are stated as such. Catalina coupons that are printed with another retailer name may be accepted at Fred Meyer. Fred Meyer will receive credit for the coupon from the clearinghouse. Note: This only applies to Catalina coupons and not other manufacturer coupons that are designated as valid for use at a specified retailer.

See the full policy here.


  1. Mary says:

    “Fred Meyer may be limiting you to no more than (5) of the same coupon per transaction” BAD, BAD, BAD They will lose my business!

  2. dawn says:

    I am SO GLAD extreme couponing is on TV, they have made it harder and harder for legitimate couponers to do deals. I hate that show!!!!

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