Price Blaster Deals at Fred Meyer…

I was surprised when I got to Fred Meyer yesterday and saw quite a few more “Price Blaster” deals than were listed in the ad. Here’s what I found…

Sharpie Permanent Markers, $1.00
Limit 2

Crayola 24 Pack Crayons, $0.25
Limit 4

Eraser Pencil Tops OR Eraser Pencil Tops + Big Eraser Packs, $0.33
Limit 3

Elmer’s School Glue, $0.33
Limit 3

Composition Book, 100 Pages, $0.25
Limit 2

Spiral Bound Notebook, 70 pages, $0.15
Limit 10

Fred Meyer will send you two texts each week with a head’s up on these deals if you text “BLASTER” to 24421.

If you’re headed to Fred Meyer today (July 4th), be sure to check out their clearance apparel – it’s an EXTRA 70% off!

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