Washington Readers: TLC’s Extreme Couponing…

Tonight’s episode of Extreme Couponing will feature two Washington Coupon Bloggers!

Love it or Hate it, this episode is a must see…

Amber of Coupon Connections will be shopping at Albertsons


Tamilee of Tamilee’s Tips will be shopping at Fred Meyer (so excited to see my favorite store represented!)

Can’t wait to see these two work it in the land of no doubles!


  1. Tiffany says:

    Sigh….the oversensationalism of everything in our society. There’s seriously no reason for this show except to exploit people. One set of folks making fun and laughing because they are “crazy”. The other set taking couponing overboard and taking 50 bottles of propel, 50 peanut butters, and 25 tubes of toothpaste clearing the shelves of all sale items. I saw a little old man that wanted 1, just 1 and he said “I’ve even got my coupon here….” :(. But none for him. He sighed, “Oh well.” I seriously got made fun of one day at Albertsons by a couple of young guys (my age) yelling “COUPONING” in real dumb mocking way :(. I just wish this show would go away and the exploitation would die!! People can learn about it from their friends who can show them a controlled version.

  2. Tiffany says:

    They just need to show it “right” you know. But they don’t show that items are ordered. Then there was that terrible one (that I heard about) where a bunch of Q’s were used fraudulently right on TV! I think we all go into this thinking we are helping, but TV shows what’s exciting. I mean what’s exciting about me going around to 10 Rite Aids collecting 2 tubes of toothpaste at each one? That’s not good TV. But what they are showing is bringing out crazies I tell you! I mean, I wish when they showed the stockpiles they would show the person, not just saying “I have a year supply of toothpaste” but saying “I have a year supply of toothpaste that I purchased over 3 months time (like it happens in real life!) LOL!

  3. Jenea says:

    Is there a way to watch the show online after it airs? I’m curious to see how she works fred meyer since we shop there a lot. We just don’t have cable… thanks!

    • Tiffany says:

      Please, lol, don’t watch!!! I’m kidding, watch if you like:) But….I can tell you what she probably does, because this is what I do!
      1. Make a list of the cheap/free items from one of the blogs….THIS is a good one for FM
      2. Make a list of the catalinas, plus coupons that match and wait for sales in order to collect Cat’s.
      3. Look for clearance goods that you have coupons for (this one’s harder)
      4. Rinse and repeat until you have a stack of Cats

      Then, you will take your Cats and coupons for that weeks sales, and only then can you get a trip where you save 98%! They don’t show that part!!

      Also, take the binder in with you. It sucks, but that’s how you find the good deals that aren’t in the ad. For example, I looked in the Coupon Exchange and found $3 off tums, and got a 75 ct for 69 cents. I also found $1.50 off Precious String Cheese, and one time $3 off natural beverages (free soda). I think the trick is to plan out your list, but also check your stash to find coupons for items on sale througout the store. I also got Kikkoman teriaki for 33 cents.

      You will get 50%-75% regularly, and can expect that.
      You will probably only get one or maybe two (unless you have Albertsons then you can get 90-100% when they have doubles) 80%-100% trips.

  4. tawnya beebe says:

    I really really dislike this show. It is displaying everything that is aweful about couponing. Hoarding, clearing shelves, and they make it look WAY easier than it is. They say so and so coupons 30 hours a week but they don’t show what that means. I’m tired of people in stores saying to me…”you must watch that coupon show”? I now stop and explain I have been couponing for 3 years now and that show makes it look easier than it is. I even walked up to a lady peeling every peelie off boxes and asked her to stop. She said she watches “that show” and she know’s that’s what they do. UG!!! They don’t really impart any real information on that show. I wish they would ask real couponers for info and teach people. I also have people coming out of the wood work asking me to teach them and when I start to show them all that goes with it most of them say no thanks that’s to much work. I would LOVE to start a campaigne to get that show cancelled.!!!!

  5. Tiffany says:

    Oooh! Me toooooo!!! LOL!! I’ve tried to show several friends, its not for everyone. Some people like the simplicity of just going to Winco or other discount stores. I do about half and half. I get the deals I can for expensive nice items like shampoos, skin care, and toothpaste. Then, some food items. And the rest I just pay for. I tried to show my neighbor, she got discouraged because what she went in for wasn’t there. I said “Get a rain check!!” She said “Oh no I don’t have time for that.” So, for most, its too time consuming. And it is!! But, people see these people stealing a ton of coupons, then probably take them home, stick them in a drawer and let them expire because its too much work. I’ve certainly taken a peelie or two, but not without first spending money in that store and never taking a disproportionate amount to what was there. But this show doesn’t show responsibility. It doesn’t show someone saying, “Well I’ll just get the two because there’s not a lot here.” Or asking the manager to order more. Or even, as I’ve done, given coupons away to someone that was looking for a deal and clipped the wrong coupon! It doesn’t show those of us responsible enough to do it right, because we aren’t exciting. The “newbies” also have this idea that they need to buy their “year’s supply” RIGHT THEN!!! ON THAT TRIP!!! LOL!!! I remember being that way….one time. Then I realized stuff goes on sale ALL THE TIME! :) I just want to grab their cart full of….today it was 15 Ketchups, and 50 Propel…..and tell them it will go on sale again!! Or something else will go on sale!! Geeze lol…..sigh…I sure am glad I’m a stay at home mom and student so I can get what I need! If it weren’t for that I’d be really upset!

  6. Beth says:

    I work at a freddies and since the filming of that episode we have had a policy revision of coupon use at our location and of how much a person can purchase. I’m all for using coupons, but not in the excessive way these people do. I’m glad people can’t clear the shelves anymore at our location.

  7. jennifer says:

    So I have watched the show for the first time recently thought they were crazy . Clearing shelves and taking everything is extreme and rude. I have always loved coupons any savings is great but they make it look easy and here in washington we can’t double and tripple . So not so easy . I do want to save larger amounts but am lost on how to do that . I buy the store brand usually if its cheaper of course. But I’m still not seeing any real amount of savings . I’m seeing we can do the sale items and so on but the coupons expire so fast lol.

  8. Barbara Gutierrez says:

    I don’t have anything bad to say, I love the show and love watching the deals ad up. I am trying to save up coupons and save as well, if anyone has any advice or would like to help out or exchange coupons please let me know, I do live out here in shoreline,wa ..

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