Goodwill Dresser turned Buffet…

I picked-up this dresser this summer at Goodwill…

It was missing the top drawer & was only $3.99 (don’t let that red color fool you – it was spray painted brick red – not stained with a cherry finish).

I decided to remove the next drawer as well and turn that space into a bookshelf.

We sanded it down and painted it Nester Blue. I want new hardware, but I still haven’t found the perfect pulls (I just spray painted the old ones black).

It now holds my cookbooks on the shelf and my platters and serving dishes in the drawers.

Cost breakdown…

Dresser, $3.99
Paint, $23.99 (after rebate)
Shelf, $9.98

Total: $37.96

And we threw some coasters on that third drawer ($3.98) and turned it into under the bed storage for the boys’ coloring books…

Local readers – if you are looking for Goodwill furniture to fix up, I’ve found that the downtown Spokane location is the best! Best selection, best prices, best customer service!

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  1. Joelle says:

    Very Very Cute, Crystal! I love those old style dressers – I have three of those styles in my house – one I use behind my sofa, one is in a bathroom, and the other is an “end table” in our master bedroom! All three I got for dirt cheap too, spray painted, new hardware . . . . . they look awesome!! :-)

  2. Annie says:

    WOW! I was just wondering how you find that kind of goodness at Goodwill … but the mystery is solved: it’s the Downtown store! I’ve been heading to the Valley and up North and almost always find nothing. Looks like I’ve got a trip to make! :0)

  3. Becky says:

    Wow love it! Wish I could look at things like that! The Northwest Christian Thrift also has a lot of great deals and sales all the time, I will head up there this weekend to look around. Thanks!

  4. Jenney says:

    very nice and I like the old pulls spraying them black looks very fresh and the style is fitting! Great my husbnd is gonna love me hauling home dressers whith missing drawers! lol

  5. jennifer says:

    That is so awesome and I have 2 old dressers in my shed that I now know what to do with them, I was going to give them away , but now I will have something new. Great.

  6. Paige says:

    I LOVE this! So creative…maybe I’ll have to give this a try. Is your husband handy? Mine’s not and I’m not sure if I could do this by myself!

  7. Crystal says:

    Thanks everyone!!!

    My husband is pretty handy, although we don’t own too many tools. We had to borrow a jigsaw from our neighbor to cut little notches from the corners of the shelf (DH did that part, I was the painter). The rest was done with basic stuff (sandpaper, hammer, screwdriver).

    I really love the quality of these older pieces – so much sturdier than the new stuff available (and more fun!)

  8. Crystal says:

    I should add that the shelf was cut down to size at Home Depot. I brought in the exact dimensions we needed & Home Depot cut it for me (for free) so we didn’t need to use a table saw or circular saw (just the jigsaw for the corners).

  9. amanda herb says:

    Crystal…Looks great…if you are still looking for new drawer pulls…check out Hobby Lobby in the Valley…I found some great ones…$1.99 ea and 50% off…only .98 each…gotta love that…

  10. meryl says:

    Awesome job Crystal! Love those big sturdy older pieces- you really freshened it up nicely, great contemporary color! LOVE that you sprayed the drawer pulls, I would not have thought of that! Under the bed part- priceless!!!

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