Fred Meyer Rewards!

Did you get your Fred Meyer Rewards today?

Along with my $23.40 rebate, I received:

  • $5.00/$5.00 Storage Purchase
  • $5.00/$5.00 School Supply Purchase
  • $3.00/$3.00 Healthy & Beauty Purchase
  • $3.00/$3.00 Bread or Pastry Purchase
  • 25% off Children’s Clothing & 30% off Shoes

That’s almost $40 in FREE products!

With Fred Meyer rewards, you receive one point for every dollar spent, once you hit 500 points, you start earning rewards. You’ll get $5 for every 500 points. Now, I understand it doesn’t look like such a great deal – spend $500 to get $5 back? I received $23.40 reward, but I promise you, I did not spend $2,340 during these past three months at Fred Meyer. So how did I earn such a big reward?

1. Use Coupons! The points you earn for your order will be based on your pre-coupon total. You’ll notice that your subtotal is equal to your points earned (always rounded down), even if your actual total is lower. Here is an example (click to enlarge):
2. Use eCoupons! These work just the same as Coupons, although you won’t see eCoupons reflected in your subtotal. You will be able to see that your total was lower than points earned.

3. Sign-up for Fred Meyer emails. Fred Meyer normally emails me once or twice a week and often there will be some great coupons – including coupons for 500 Bonus Points (that’s $5)!

For those that had the mysterious eCoupons on their cards, it sounds like this was a mistake from Kroger. Mine were on my card Saturday night, but did not come off my Sunday order (and when I looked Sunday afternoon, they were no longer listed). I sent an email to Kroger and this was the response:

Thank you for contacting the Kroger Digital Coupons Help Center.

The coupon(s) were loaded to your card in error. Because you were expecting the deduction(s) to show up on your purchase, we have re-added the coupon(s) to your card – $5 and $6 (good on any order).

And sure enough – they are back!

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